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Covering all surrounding areas of Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsular and Surfcoast.

Why choose us to look after your fur family and home? 

We treat your pets like they are ours with care and professionalism.


We pride ourselves in fast responses to calls, texts, or messages.


Bookings are available in advance or at the last minute when possible. 


We offer in your pets home stay overs, it’s not only less stressful for the pet but also the owner. The pet can be in their own home where they feel safe, secure, and less anxious. No sharing with other unfamiliar pets and no confined living arrangements.

We also offer regular ongoing communication during your booking – as much or as little as you’d like.


* Surcharges do apply on public holidays. 


Why choose us to look after your horse of other large livestock? 

  • We are experienced in handling large animals

  • We understand the different needs of horses, cattle, sheep, alpacas etc


We Offer:

Large animal pop in/ pop out; Horses, cows, alpacas, Goats & Sheep. 

$70 per day

  • Feed.

  • Check water.

  • Check fences.​

  • Check / Change rugs.


Stay Overs: 24 hrs $80 


Monitor home & care for animals overnight. 

Bins in / Out.

All the above care in your own farm / Property 

Additional Services 


  • Equine paddock cleaning from $50 per hr

  • Assist for vet / Farrier $50

  • Daily stable cleaning - $40​.


We Offer:

Pop In/Pop Out feed & visit $70 per day.


  • Feeding

  • Fresh water

  • Clean up manure & litter trays.

Stay Overs: 24 hrs




  • Feeding

  • Fresh water

  • Clean up manure & litter trays

  • Lots of pats, cuddles and monitor overnight.

Option to add on with bookings - Extra dog walking $20 per walk.

Additional Services: 

Once off dog walking $60

Once off feeding $70

​Nail trims $15

Administrator medication $10 per day


Dwarf Rabbit

​Pocket pet's & reptiles ​

We offer:

Pop In Pop Out visit $70  per day 

  • Feeding

  • Water 

  • Cage cleaning

Stay over pet sitting in your home $80 / per night. 

  • Mail collection & bins out also included 

  • ​Care & monitor of pets & home overnight.Pop In/Pop Out feed & visit $70 per day.

Best Friends

The bond with a  pet is
a special gift.

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